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Monday, 4 June 2012

Access Sport through BMX

Access Sport run many projects that encourage children in urban areas to take up BMX cycling.  On Friday, team bikewithJake got the opportunity to see just why this is such a fantastic idea.
Are you ready to have fun?
 It really was this kind of day....

Access Sport made arrangements for the Team to visit the National Cycling Centre in Manchester to meet the BMX Development Manager, Sam Foakes.

We didn't expect to see the only World Accredited Indoor BMX race track in the world and then be invited to experience it first hand.

Sam Foakes, former BMX Flatland World Champion, gave us the most amazing day.  The brand new facility at the National Cycling Centre is beginning to attract local children and schools from across the country spreading the word for BMX.

BMX is probably the easiest, and coolest, way for children to get involved in cycling.  BMX gives children the opportunity for tricks, jumps and racing.  BMX ramps and dirt tracks are in many towns and get children involved in BMX Freestyle.  BMX is high adrenalin and the speed, jumps and competition really appeals so it's a great way for Access Sport to engage children.

Now to the bikewithJake experience ...

Sam Foakes (remarkably patient man), Philip & Jake

Pedal hard
Remember all the techniques

Attack the bumps (but not too hard)
What a fantastic opportunity.  Sam Foakes, what a superstar.  National Cycling Centre, what an amazing facility!

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