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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Glasgow Here We Come

Ready or not here we go.  (We're not ready!)  Still cutting up bits of maps, still trying to understand Jake's Garmin birthday present, still trying to get a school in Newcastle to get on board and still wishing we were fitter..

Bed late, up early, greeted by a policeman at New St. Station.  No, we weren't parked in the wrong place but he had spotted the 3 bicycles (not difficult as they were covered in bright yellow panniers) and was offering us an opportunity we couldn't miss...Secure Code our bikes for free!  (twitter: @safertravel)
Is this your vehicle, sir?
Thanks to the police at Birmingham New St. our bikes
can now be traced if they go missing
It was a rather opportune start to a surreal day.

The concourse at Birmingham New St. station.  Nicky, Network Rail had really put in a lot of effort on our behalf to maximise publicity for bikewithJake ; posters,messages and announcements!

Elaine, Amanda, Katie and others from Action for Children were there to support us and they'd brought along a friend....Craig.

Craig was equipped with a camera, an i-pad and a strange, grey, hairy candyfloss on a stick - he was armed and extremely dangerous - he was about to commit our adventure to videotape.  Craig was from Central News and he worked really hard to get some usable film to put out at 6:00pm.  His dedication knew no bounds as he gingerly volunteered to film Jake & Philip pedalling towards New Street whilst riding Nic's bike. Camera in hand he set off - he managed a few feet before stopping and asking for a lower gear- there weren't many left, he was already in the 'Granny' ring.

Elaine being interrogated by mouldy candyfloss
and its accomplices Craig & Nicky
Our amazing day got more bizarre with Jake taking a seat in the train driver's cab and the passengers being informed of Jake's charity bike ride.

Arrival in Glasgow was a breeze and we were met by Sarah and Alan at Holiday Inn Glasgow Theatreland who couldn't have been more helpful and friendly.  Olympic fever has really arrived here as 3 staff members will be carrying the torch over the weekend.  We met Maureen, running at 7:30am on Saturday, when she and Ann came to sort out a bed for Jake. Maureen is a fundraiser for charities supporting children with Autism and has had local connections with Action for Children.  

Busy, busy day - lots of lovely people, lots of goodwill, what a great start!  

Oh, and thanks to Ellie and Andrew for their £50 donation via the virginmoneygiving site!

Jake's blogging his diary here www.bikewithjake2012.blogspot.com so see what he has to say.

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