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Monday, 9 July 2012

Eton Dorney - Venue 7

It looks like there's some kind of strange dance
move being demonstrated?
School Council members who invited bikewithJake
 to come to the school.
Thank you so much Eton Wick C.E. First School we had a fantastic time.  Thanks so much for the funds you've raised for our charities but most of all thanks for your welcome.
Jake walking into assembly - it was an amazing reception!

To all staff and pupils - you were great, especially to Mr Harris, Miss Westoby and the School Council.

After a great time at the school, the team headed off to Eton Dorney and were incredibly lucky to be escorted lake side by Andrew.  As one of the operations managers, it was fascinating to hear about how a venue like Eton Dorney gets transformed into a major Olympic site.  It really is all hands on deck (to use a boating phrase) and it must be incredibly exciting to be involved.

We particularly liked the TV coverage idea - let's just say the idea is visible from miles away!
Jake sitting outside the only part of the venue
that has the name on it.

The travelling taxi clocks up another venue overlooking
the stands at the finish line.
The team could only sit outside the perimeter fence here
because of the extent of the construction work at this end
of the venue.
As you can see, it was not raining so, the team treated itself to a visit to Windsor and an opportunity to get Jake's shoe and pedal fixed because one bit had broken off.  Good job done by the boys at Windsor cycle shop '700'.
Post ice-cream consumption (1st of trip)

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